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Thermostatic mixer: Own design and manufacture

Manufacturing a high quality thermostatic faucet begins with the development of a design.

MZ manage the design of all products with an internal and own department, where a team of experts and graduates in engineering, develop ideas coming from our customers, sales network and analyzing the needs of installers and users, as a result we mafacture products that really provide confort to the market.Read more

We control the entire manufacturing process involved in the development of products, including thermostatic mixing valve , incorporating the best raw materials: brass , copper, stainless steel. We have at our disposal the best possible equipment in machining parts ; fast, flexible and precise allowing extraordinarily reliable adjustments to the various components of the product.

We apply one of the best chrome coating in the market with 15 nickel micron, also, old bronze and satin nickel with epoxy paint protection, giving the thermostatic mixing valve a great durability.

We realize the assembly and packaging internally, making a final check of 100 % of the products and taking care of all details , assuring that customers receive a high- quality product, with a design according to their taste and 100 % reliable.


Jul 14,2017

Single lever lavatory build in wall CUBIC Model

Single lever lavatory build in wall CUBIC Model

Oct 03,2016


Thermostatic column extensible outer tube and handle 3 positions.


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A compact and reliable thermostatic cartridge, Click-clack and Airstop systems, designed with an innovative fixing system that enables a long life and efficiency in all application.

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Systems designed to reduce water consumption up to 50 % and also energy. An efficient way of conserving our planet.

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From raw material to packaging, we meet the highest quality requirements and are checked by our qualified staff.

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